20 July 2014

Sickening Horror signs with Deepsend Records

Hello everyone! We have some very good news. We have signed with the US-based label Deepsend Records! Our new album 'Overflow' will be out this Fall. Exact release dates will be announced soon. Until another new song is posted, check out here a reworked version of the lyric video of "The Day The Worms Became Kings" made by Dimitris Tsountaros, who is responsible for the artwork of 'Overflow'.
26 March 2014

New song posted

We have uploaded a lyric video of a brand new song! Check it out here
10 February 2014

New album artwork and tracklist

After a year and a half of recording, mixing, mastering, delays, bad luck, and band conflicts the new album 'Overflow' is ready! Out of what was possibly the most difficult era for Sickening Horror, the new album turned out so well in every aspect that in the aftermath it was definitely worth it. Here you can see the album's artwork and below the tracklist. Exact release dates will be announced as soon as we settle a new deal with a new label.

1 - Interstellar
2 - The Winter That Never Came
3 - The Day The Worms Became Kings
4 - Fractal Maze
5 - Red Pill Initiation
6 - I, Explorer In Akashic Fields
7 - Of Lives Never Lived
8 - Versus Entropia
9 - May The Ground Not Receive Thee
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